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How To Grow Bean Sprouts?


  • Rinse dried mung beans a few times until water runs clear.
  • Soak ½ cup of dried mung beans overnight.
  • To create a little gap between the plastic container and the strainer, you want to put a flat dishware under the basket. You can also use bottle caps – be creative. Doing so is important as it will allow some air and air movement and avoid any fouling or molding.
  • Put the first layer of paper towels in the strainer; I usually use 2-3 paper towels per layer.
  • Now add half of the soaked mung beans on the first paper towel layer.
  • Add second layer of paper towels then add the other half of the soaked mungs beans.
  • Now add the third layer of paper towels on top.
  • Now water it thoroughly.  Then drain the excess water that is on the bottom of the strainer.  You never want to have water sitting on the bottom of the strainer.
  • To promote strong root growth, I place a plate and some weight on top (in this case a can of sardines.. haha).  This way, the root will grow into the paper towels and it will be easier to remove the roots at harvest.
  • Cover the strainer with a dark cloth and keep it in a dark place.
  • Water twice daily (AM and PM) – make sure to remove any excess water from the bottom.


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