Easy Vietnamese Chicken Curry (Cà Ri Gà) with a Twist | a Vietnamese and Thai Fusion Recipe

Combining everything you love from Vietnamese and Thai chicken curry, this fusion Cà Ri Gà recipe is my elevated version of the authentic Vietnamese chicken curry. For an easy yet flavorful chicken curry featuring elements from both Vietnamese and Thai cuisines, look no further than this recipe! Vietnamese and Thai Fusion Recipe Food lovers! I’m […]

Easy & Authentic Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken Recipe | Gà Xào SảỚt from Scratch

This super quick, easy, and delicious chicken stir-fry dish is rich in authentic Vietnamese flavors. Juicy bites of tender chicken are cooked in flavorful aromatics enhanced with a refreshing kick from lemongrass. It’s just begging to be scooped onto a bowl of warm steamed rice! Authentic Vietnamese Flavors This recipe was an absolute staple in […]