Classic Chia Seed Pudding | 3-Ingredient, Customizable Recipe

This easy chia seed pudding recipe makes a wonderful and healthy breakfast, snack, or dessert. It’s also a great option for vegans and those on a gluten-free diet. This overnight chia seed pudding is naturally sweetened, super customizable, and only needs 3 simple ingredients! Is Chia Seed Pudding Good For You? There are many health […]

Pandan Recipes | What to Do With Pandan Leaves

pandan flower

Pandan is a wonderful and aromatic flavor that’s easy to fall in love with and difficult to forget. If you want to know what you can make with pandan, how to use pandan, or how to cook with pandan, let this list of delicious and wholesome recipes with pandan be your guide! Homemade Pandan Extract […]

How to Make Homemade Pandan Extract | 2-Ingredient Easy Recipe

Making pandan extract at home is delightfully simple with extremely rewarding results. You can use this extract to impart the flavor and aroma of pandan to both sweet and savory dishes. And unlike the store-bought kind, it has no preservatives, colorants, or artificial flavors. In fact, it only has two ingredients! How to Make Easy […]

How To Cook Rice Noodles | Easiest Method

Are you wondering how to make perfect rice / vermicelli noodles for different mouth-watering dishes such as Pho, Pad Thai, and spring rolls? Well, worry no more! Here’s the easiest way to cook rice noodles, plus some extra tips! Rice noodles are more delicate and more fragile compared to other noodles made from wheat. So, […]

Vietnamese Pickled Bean Sprouts and Carrots | The Best Dưa Giá Recipe

Fresh, crunchy, and tangy pickled bean sprouts can really complement the flavors and textures in your favorite Vietnamese dishes! In this recipe, I show you how to make Dưa Giá or pickled bean sprouts – a classic Vietnamese side dish that’s a beloved staple in any Vietnamese household. Grow Your Own Bean Sprouts at Home […]

Perilla Leaves, Sesame Shiso, Tiá Tô | Taste, Uses, and How to Eat

Whether you call it Perilla Leaf or Sesame Shiso, there are so many things you can do with this unique herb! Today I’ll be talking about Tiá Tô, how it tastes, what you can use it for, and more. What Are Perilla Leaves? Perilla Leaf, also known as Sesame Shiso and known in Vietnam as […]

3-Step Thai Chili Powder Recipe | Easy Homemade Prik Bon (พริกป่น)

Though it may seem intimidating, making your own Thai chili powder is extremely easy and really only takes three steps. This Thai Chili Powder or Prik Bon (พริกป่น) recipe will completely transform your spicy dishes. Once you see how easy and delicious this homemade chili powder is, I guarantee you won’t want to return to […]

How to Grow Mung Beans Sprouts | Strainer Method

Fresh bean sprouts are a perfect addition to any Asian dish. They bring a delightfully crisp texture, a refreshing flavor, and a lot of nutritional value. Today, I’ll be showing you how you can grow your own, high-quality bean sprouts in 1 week with just mung beans and some common kitchen items! How to Grow […]

Growing Rice Paddy Herb or Ngò Ôm | Taste, Uses, and How to Grow

Rice Paddy Herb or Ngò Ôm is a staple in Vietnamese cuisine but is largely unknown in the western world. In this blog post, I’ll be teaching you about this delicious Southeast Asian herb, how it tastes, where you can use it, and even how you can grow it! What is Rice Paddy Herb (Ngò […]