Growing Rice Paddy Herb or Ngò Ôm | Taste, Uses, and How to Grow

Rice Paddy Herb or Ngò Ôm is a staple in Vietnamese cuisine but is largely unknown in the western world. In this blog post, I’ll be teaching you about this delicious Southeast Asian herb, how it tastes, where you can use it, and even how you can grow it! What is Rice Paddy Herb (Ngò […]

Exotic Fruit: Ambarella | Trái Cóc

Ambarella also called Trái Cóc in Vietnamese is a lesser-known fruit here in the United States. My friendly Vietnamese neighbor just picked these this morning from his Ambarella tree and is generously sharing them with me. To eat, peel the skin off and remove the core. It is crunchy and sour and slightly sweet in the center. In Vietnam, we like to dip them […]